About us

About Us

Saudi Buroj Company was established in 2014 in Jeddah as a nucleus for launching into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Buroj provides the market with cables, wires, and various electrical materials as well as various foundation materials through its distinguished partnerships with leaders in the field in the manufacture of electrical components
and cables such as (Schneider, Riyadh Cables, Bahra, Belden, Legrand) Buroj Company has been able to earn the trust of the customers with merit, Along
with the trust of successful partners from factories and companies within a
a short period of time due to the credibility, they provide at work.

Buroj Company is always glad to serve clients from contracting companies
and major projects as well as commercial companies and factories.

Buroj Company also believes that human cadres are the mainstay of success
Ye pays great attention to selecting the best competencies.



To become the leading and first company in the Kingdom and the Gulf Cooper- ation Council countries in providing wires, cables, and electrical materials to our various clients from construction companies and industrial & commercial firms, through our branches currently located inside the Kingdom and later in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries although through its online store.


We are committed to providing the best products in the field of cables, wires, and electrical materials to our partners through outstanding service, high value, and competitive prices by a distinguished team with experience and credi tain the trust of our partners and share them continuous success.


1. Competitive prices
2. Outstanding service
3. Best solutions with quality